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Brand Profile

Braun is a premium German brand for electrical appliances. Some associate Braun with design, based on the pioneering industrial design led by Dieter Rams and his successors, while others think of German engineering and innovation. Many simply consider the indestructible nature of Braun appliances, renowned for their reliability, longevity and sustainability.

All are true and relevant facets of the Braun brand. But Braun is more than this. Braun strives to go “beyond design.” Going beyond design means viewing design in the context of consumer experience. The company’s goal is to design products with details that make a difference in people’s lives, to bring consumers experiences to life in what those at Braun call the “Braun moment.” 

Braun produces a wide variety of small domestic appliances ranging from electric shavers, beauty products to household appliances that marry distinctive design, enduring quality and sustainability